These are "Frequently Asked Questions" which noone ever asked but if I stumbled on this website I'd like to know what is what. Since it's ongoing work in progress lets just go through the menu:


  • Background rotations are images of the games I'm currently playing
  • NEW are the seven last published articles regardless of "publishing date" in it (which is the date when I've completed the game)
  • POPULAR says it for itself
  • GAME OVER are the last six games I've completed
  • The mosaic stands for all the games I have finished, which is updated as I complete the new or publish the old ones I still haven't written about
  • At the bottom there are four RSS feeds of the few popular gaming sites


A chronological list of the games I've recently finished.

The article itself is excerpt from Wikipedia divided in few sections: basic info, story, characters and gameplay; but it also contains one RED FRAME in which I've tried to describe my experience of the game. In the bottom part you can check official trailer and give your own comments.


There is the list of video games with some basic info (year of the release, median game time, title) with links to playthrough so you can check how they look first hand. It's not something to check out more than once I guess but this is the thing I had in my Excel document from the time when I've started to "archive" the list of the titles I have finished so... every fool has it's fun and those are my gaming references!